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"Action is the

fundamental key

to all success."

Pablo Picasso

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Mental health & High Performance 

Elite Athletes feedback

★★★★★ - 5/5

Nominated in the top 10 Football League players to watch in 2019

English Football Striker - English Championship


"As a mental coach, Alex played a key role in launching my football career.

Alex has helped me to improve my mental strength.

In particular, manage my frustrations, create a strong vision

and set up empowering rituals. 

I can't recommend Alex enough, his support has allowed me

to develop faster than any footballer I know!"

​​ Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics

English High Jumper, UK

"Alex is a key asset for me.

Mental Coaching helps me to stay focused on what matters.

Alex really took my visualization skills to the next level.

It allows me to constantly improve my performances."

Athletes have different needs depending on their career level.

Each stage is different; each athlete is unique. 


  • Early-stage: Take new talents to the top.

  • Peak time: Maintain athletes at the top, reach higher levels.

  • Late career stage: Support athletes for a successful career transition.

  • Country move: Support athletes as they move onboard the new team


Many successful Actors, Executives and Entrepreneurs have a Coach.

The reason is simple: We all have blind spots. Their coach challenges them, takes them out of their comfort zone to reach higher performances – gets them “in the flow”

Too many talented Athletes are not equipped to reach their highest potential. With more and more distractions, professional Athletes are in higher needs of focus than ever.

I sign a limited number of athletes per season.

During that period, my absolute priority is to improve the Athletes’ life at all levels.


I particularly focus on these areas:


  • Peak performance/ maximizing potential

  • Personal development/Self-confidence

  • Sense of purpose/ goal setting

  • Frustration management

  • Money management 

  • Relationships

  • Performance anxiety

  • Image/ personal branding

  • Career transition

I use the latest Technological developments to offer Biofeedback during coaching sessions.

This is combined with a cutting-edge 360 coaching based on Well-Being as a Performance driver.