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Holistic and Transformational Coaching you can measure

GPI Body
GPI Heart
GPI Mind
GPI Spirit

Each day, science uncovers more and more about who we are as a people.
The reality it that we know very little about ourselves

Your body is extremely sophisticated - it has:
• 50 trillion cells partnering 24/7
• 200,000 temperature detectors
• 500,000 touch sensors
• 10,000,000 colour pointers
• 50,000 sense detectors

This power is available to you

Millenniums of research teach us that your power is best harnessed by developing yourself through 4 dimensions:
Think of it as the 4 legs of a chair, remove one leg and it becomes unstable.
Each leg is important.

Alex offers to bring into your life this 4-dimensional view:
Heart : Emotional Stability
Mind : Mental Strength
Body : Physical Stamina
Spirit : Directional Clarity

This Holistic approach aims to connect you with your inner flow and enable you to climb higher mountains.

The Global Performance Index

The GPI addresses two important issues in the coaching industry: Fast track the onboarding of the coaches & measure the impact of coaching.

The GPI ( is a holistic profiler Alex has developed and tested with top coaches and psychologists.

It includes 50+ markers of your own self-performance.

At the beginning of each coaching journey, Alex goes through each clients’ own GPI. The GPI acts as a fast-track onboarding solution for coaching.
Your first step is to answer a detailed and all-encompassing questionnaire to better understand where you are in the 4 dimensions Mind - Body - Heart - Spirit.

At the end of their coaching journey, the coachee completes the GPI once more. With a quick glance, you will notice the tangible changes you have made.

The seed, the shelf and you

A seed can have all the potential in the world, but if it stays in a small bag or on a shelf, it just cannot develop.

It’s not sad, it’s not pessimistic, it’s just the reality.

This seed could have it all to turn into a majestic Oak, but if it sleeps on a shelf…

It is just a seed on a shelf.

We can all feel the potential within us, like an incredible power that bubbles up in us.

And sometimes we are disappointed to find that there is a gap between what we feel and what we experience daily…

It feels like this magic is imprisoned in us and refuses to be released.

And we wait. We wait for it to click.

We wait without realising that there is nothing to wait for, that there is in fact only one courageous decision to be made:

Taking the jump into the world, the real world, exactly as it is.

Life gives you the seeds of potential.
It’s up to you to take them off the shelf and plant them.

Corporate coaching

Alex support businesses who embrace well-being as a performance driver.

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